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Smart EV charger by oneCHARGE

Our smart EV chargers can be applied to a variety of scenarios, from personal charging zones to commercial parking. Our innovative technology makes our product easy for everyone to use by integrating our mobile App and smart charger. For the user experience and design, oneCHARGE aims to optimize the operation flow in every possible use case for both user management and user, and increase the reliability of smart EV charger.



Why choose oneCHARGE

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Innovative smart EV charger

Electric vehicles are a future trend for environment; hence smart chargers are essential for every driver. With oneCHARGE’s innovative technology, smart chargers are integrated with mobile apps and the data backend for tracking.



Easy use and billing system

Simply use our app to connect with our smart EV charger, and access all vehicle data via phone. We support many billing systems for users, allowing them to choose the one that best meets their needs.




Integrated management platform

With our data backend platform, it’s easy to manage charging stations. Looking at the data may reveal possibilities for even more smart usage.



Our value is to create the best solution for your needs

Smart Electric Vehicle Chargers

Our smart EV chargers are equipped with computer vision, AI and cloud technologies, which have optimized usage rate and operation efficiency when compared to traditional EV chargers.

OCPP Management Console

Heat your home with the services of an experienced and trustworthy provider.

Automation Services & Mobile APP

With integrated service through our smart charger and mobile app, it's easier than ever to manage and track user data.


Care for your home by tech assistance for the comfort of your home/office, and reasonable price offering on the market.