Important information regarding the use of your credit card

  • Zung Fu Charge will pre-authorize your credit card to cover the charging fee for each session, including any additional charges that might be incurred during your EV charging session.
  • A ‘pre-authorisation’ is not a charge. The customers’ issuing bank/credit card company holds the pre-authorised amount temporarily from the available balance of the card holder’s account for Zung Fu Charge to use.
  • A pre-authorisation request is made by Zung Fu Charge’s card terminal to the card holder’s bank, your bank/credit card company authorises the funds and sends an authorisation code to Zung Fu Charge. This confirms the availability of the requested funds in the card holder’s account to cover charges in Zung Fu Charge (if any).
  • This authorisation code is expected to be used when the transaction is about to complete (that is when the charging session ends). If the authorisation code given by your bank/credit card company is not used by Zung Fu Charge, this means that your account had no incidental charges during the EV charging session and has had no need to use those blocked funds OR does not wish to proceed with the transaction due to other reasons.
  • The amount taken from your credit card normally takes 5-7 working days to be released back to your card by your own issuing bank or credit card company. Some issuing banks may take longer especially for cards issued outside of Hong Kong. If you have any queries or problems regarding the pre-authorisation after the EV charging session, please contact your issuing bank/credit card company. Zung Fu Charge accepts no responsibility for any bank or credit card charges should your account become overdrawn as a result of the pre-authorisation process.